Ash's Spells at 25th Caster Level - Spell Pen = 29.

Key: or:original [100/100] el: elvikra [5/100] bb: blessed [974/1000] b2: blessed2 [17/1000] ba: basilek [65/100] az: azarak [79/100] Ranges: Short=90, Medium=360, Long=1360 +1DC Necromancy, Enchantment
0th Level [4] DC:21
Daze [or]
Detect Magic [or]
Detect Poison [or]
Disrupt Undead [or]
Flare [or]
Light [or]
Mending [or]
Message [or]
Prestidigitation [or]
Read Magic [or]

8th Level [4+1=5] DC:29
Bigby's Clenched Fist [bb]
Horrid Wilting [bb]
Incendiary Cloud [az]
Mind Blank [bb]
Moment of Prescience [bb]
Polar Ray [ba]
Poly Any Object [bb]
Greater Prying Eyes [bb]
Greater Shadow Evocation [bb]
Sunburst [bb]
Melf's Acid Arrow [Ext+Emp+Max]
False Life [25+d5 - Emp+Max+Ext]
Fireball [60+5d6 - Emp+Max]
Lightning Bolt [60+5d6 - Emp+Max]
Disintegrate [(40d6/5d6)*1.5 - Emp]
Greater Arcane Sight [Ext]
Dimension Lock [b2]
Protection From Spells [b2]
Maze [b2]
Monster Summoning 8 [b2]
Discern Location [b2]
Powerword - Stun [b2]
Telekinetic Sphere [b2]
Screen [b2]
Clone [b2]
Temporal Stasis [b2]

10th Level [1+1=2] DC:32
Acid Arrow [8@14R - Qwk+Max+Ext]
Enervation [d4*1.5 - Emp+Qwk]
Shapechange [Ext]
Horrid Wilting [30d6 - Emp]
Spell Turning [10 - Max]
DBF [120 - Max]
Analyze Dweomer [Qwk]
Spell Turning [(d4+6)x1.5 - Emp + Ext]
Time Stop [2d4+2 - Ext]
Foresight [Ext]
1st Level [4+2+1=7] DC:22
Animate Rope [or]
Burning Hands [5d4 Fire] [az]
Charm Person [or]
Color Spray [az]
Comprehend Languages [bb]
Detect Secret Doors [or]
Disguise Self [bb]
Enlarge Person [bb]
Erase [or]
Feather Fall [or]
Grease [bb]
Identify [or]
Mage Armor [+4 Armor] [or]
Magic Missile [or]
Magic Weapon [az]
Mount [bb]
Ray Of Enfeeblement [or]
Reduce Person [or]
Shield [+4 Shield] [or]
Tenser's Floating Disk [or]
True Strike [or]
Unseen Servant [bb]


9th Level [4+1=5] DC:32
Meteor Storm [bb]
Shapechange [bb]
Teleportation Circle [1000gp cost] [bb]
Weird [bb]
Disintegrate [(240/30) - Max]
Wish [bb]
Foresight [+2 Insight] [bb]
Delayed Blast Fireball [30d6 Fire - Emp]
Dominate Monster [bb]
Freedom [bb]
Mass Hold Monster [bb]
Summon Monster 9 [bb]
Spell Turning [(d4+6)x1.5 - Emp]
Time Stop [bb]
Gate [b2]
Shatter [60 - Max+Qwk]
Prismatic Sphere [b2]
Mage's Disjunction [b2]
Imprisonment [b2]
Powerword - Kill [b2]
Bigby's Crushing Hand [b2]
Energy Drain [b2]
Wail Of The Banshee [b2]
Etherealness [b2]
2nd Level [4+2+1=7] DC:23
Alter Self [bb]
Bear's Endurance [bb]
Bull's Strength [or]
Cat's Grace [or]
Continual Flame [az]
Darkvision [or]
Daze Monster [or]
Detect Thoughts [bb]
Eagle's Splendor [bb]
False Life [or]
Flaming Sphere [az]
Fog Cloud [bb]
Fox's Cunning [bb]
Hypnotic Pattern [ba]
Invisibility [bb]
Knock [or]
Levitate [or]
Locate Object [bb]
Melf's Acid Arrow [bb]
Owl's Wisdom [bb]
Protection From Arrows [or]
Pyrotechnics [or]
Resist Energy [bb]
Rope Trick [or]
Scorching Ray [or]
See Invisibility [bb]
Spectral hand [ba]
Whispering Wind [bb]
Arcane Lock [bb]
Glitterdust [bb]
Web [bb]
Hideous Laughter [bb]
Shatter [bb]
Blur [bb]
Magic Mouth [bb]
Mirror Image [bb]

11th Level [1+1=2] DC:32
Meteor Storm [48d6 - Emp]
Enervation [4 - Max+Qwk]
Shapechange [Ext]
Horrid Wilting [120 - Max ]
Sunburst [150/300 - Max]
Weird [Emp]
ForceCage [Qwk]
Greater Teleport [Qwk]
Polar Ray [150 - Max]
Energy Drain [3d4 - Emp]
3rd Level [4+1+1=6] DC:24
Arcane Sight [bb]
Clairvoyance [bb]
Dispel Magic [or]
Displacement [ba]
Explosive Runes [or]
Fireball [or]
Flame Arrow [az]
Gaseous Form [or]
Haste [or]
Heroism [or]
Invisibility Sphere [or]
Leomund's Tiny Hut [or]
Lightning Bolt [bb]
Magic Circle vs. Evil [bb]
Greater Magic Weapon [or]
Non-Detection [or]
Phantom Steed [or]
Protection From Energy [bb]
Ray Of Exhaustion [or]
Secret Page [or]
Shrink Item [or]
Sleet Storm [ba]
Stinking Cloud [az]
Summon Monster 3 [bb]
Vampiric Touch [bb]
Water Breathing [bb]
Wind Wall [bb]
Melf's Acid Arrow [2d4@14R- Ext]
Bears Endurance [Ext]
Bull's Strength [Ext]
Cat's Grace [Ext]
Fox's Cunning [Ext]
Eagle's Splendor [Ext]
Owl's Wisdom [Ext]
See Invisibility [Ext]
Darkvision [Ext]
Tongues [bb]
Deep Slumber [bb]
Hold Person [bb]
Rage [bb]
Suggestion [bb]
Daylight [bb]
Illusory Script [bb]
Gentle Repose [bb]
Halt Undead [bb]
Blink [bb]
Fly [bb]
Keen Edge [bb]
Slow [bb]
Invisibility [Ext]

4th Level [4+4+1+1=10] DC:25
Arcane Eye [bb]
Confusion [bb]
Detect Scrying [bb]
Dimension Door [bb]
Dimension Anchor [bb]
Enervation [bb]
Evard's Black Tentacles [bb]
Fire Shield [az]
Fire Trap [az]
Lesser Globe Of Invulnerability [bb]
Hallucinatory Terrain [bb]
Ice Storm [bb]
Greater Invisibility [or]
Leomund's Secure Shelter [bb]
Locate Creature [bb]
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere [az]
Polymorph [bb]
Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer [bb]
Stoneskin [bb]
Wall Of fire [az]
Melf's Acid Arrow [3d4@7R]
False Life [d10+d5+15 - Emp]
Magic Missile [25 - Max]
Invisibility Sphere [Ext]
Scorching Ray [3*6d6 - Emp]
Summon Monster 4 [bb]
Remove Curse [bb]
Solid Fog [bb]
Charm Monster [bb]
Crushing Despair [bb]
Shout [bb]
Wall of Ice [bb]
Illusory Wall [bb]
Phantasmal Killer [bb]
Animate Dead [bb]
Bestow Curse [bb]
Contagion [bb]
Enlarge Person, Mass [bb]
Reduce Person, Mass [bb]
Stone Shape [bb]
Magic Circle vs. Evil [Ext]
Heroism [Ext]
5th Level [4+1+1=6] DC:26
Baleful Polymorph [ba]
Bigby's Interposing Hand [bb]
Blight [az]
Cloudkill [az]
Fabricate [el]
False Vision [bb]
Feeblemind [ba]
Leomund's Secret Chest [bb]
Mind Fog [ba]
Mirage Arcana [bb]
Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound [bb]
Mordenkainen's Private Sanctum [bb]
Overland Flight [bb]
Passwall [bb]
Permanency [bb]
Rary's Telepathic Bond [bb]
Sending [bb]
Summon Monster 5 [bb]
Symbol Of Pain [bb]
Telekinesis [bb]
Teleport [bb]
Transmute Rock To Mud [bb]
Transmute Mud To Rock [bb]
Wall Of Force [bb]
Wall Of Iron [bb]
Melf's Acid Arrow [8@7R- Max]
Melf's Acid Arrow [3d4@14R- Emp+Ext]
False Life [20 - Max]
False Life [d10+d5+15 - Emp+Ext]
Scorching Ray [3*24 Fire - Max]
Fireball [15d6 - Emp]
Lightning Bolt [15d6 - Emp]
Greater Invisibility [Ext]
Vampiric Touch [12d6 - Emp]
Break Enchantment [bb]
Dismissal [bb]
Major Creation [bb]
Planar Binding, Lesser [bb]
Wall of Stone [bb]
Prying Eyes [bb]
Dominate Person [bb]
Hold Monster [bb]
Symbol of Sleep [bb]
Cone of Cold [bb]
Persistent Image [bb]
Seeming [bb]
Shadow Evocation [bb]
Magic Jar [bb]
Animal Growth [bb]
True Strike [Qwk]
Shatter [60 - Max]
6th Level [4+1+1-1=5] DC:27
Acid Fog [az]
Analyze Dweomer [bb]
Antimagic Field [bb]
Bigby's Forceful Hand [ba]
Mass Cat's Grace [bb]
Mass Bull's Strength [bb]
Mass Bear's Endurance [bb]
Mass Owl's Wisdom [bb]
Mass Fox's Cunning [bb]
Mass Eagle's Splendor [bb]
Contingency [bb]
Disintegrate [bb]
Greater Dispel Magic [bb]
Eyebite [az]
Globe Of Invulnerability [ba]
Legend Lore [bb]
Otiluke's Freezing Sphere [ba]
Repulsion [az]
Symbol Of Persuasion [bb]
Melf's Acid Arrow [8@14R- Ext+Max]
Overland Flight [Ext]
Fireball [60 - Max]
Lightning Bolt [60 - Max]
Rary's Telepathic Bond [Ext]
Enervation [d4*1.5 - Emp]
Vampiric Touch [48 - Max]
Veil [bb]
Mordenkainen's Lucubration [bb]
Move Earth [bb]
Summon Monster 6 [bb]
Greater Heroism [bb]
Create Undead [bb]
Planar Binding [bb]
True Seeing [bb]
Geas/Quest [bb]
Suggestion, Mass [bb]
Chain Lightning [bb]
Mislead [bb]
Permanent Image [bb]
Programmed Image [bb]
Shadow Walk [bb]
Symbol of Fear [bb]
Control Water [bb]
Flesh to Stone [bb]
Stone to Flesh [bb]
Tenser's Transformation [bb]
7th Level [4+4+1-1=8] DC:28
Delayed Blast Fireball [20d6 Fire] [az]
Forcecage [ba]
Hold Person, Mass [ba]
Limited Wish [bb]
Mordenkainen's Sword [bb]
Prismatic Spray [az]
Project Image [bb]
Reverse Partial Gravity [bb]
Simulacrum [bb]
Greater Teleport [bb]
Vision [bb]
Waves of Exhaustion [bb]
False Life [25+d5 - Emp+Max]
Scorching Ray [72+6d6 Fire - Emp+Max]
Enervation [4 - Max]
Bigby's Grasping Hand [bb]
Greater Arcane Sight [bb]
Powerword Blind [200hp] [bb]
Spell Turning [bb]
Summon Monster 7 [bb]
Greater Heroism [20hp - Ext]
Sequester [bb]
Mage's Magnificent Mansion [bb]
Phase Door [bb]
Plane Shift [bb]
Teleport Object [bb]
Scrying, Greater [bb]
Insanity [bb]
Symbol of Stunning [bb]
Invisibility, Mass [bb]
Control Undead [bb]
Finger of Death [bb]
Symbol of Weakness [bb]
Control Weather [bb]
Ethereal Jaunt [bb]
Statue [bb]
Banishment [bb]
Haste [Qwk]